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Commercial Photo Editing

Commercial Photo Editing

Photography is a term which all of us are familiar with. Experts define it as a subtle art form, a skill which can be honed and improved over time and a good amount of experience which can ultimately lead to success in the future. Over the years, it has evolved from a pastime to a full-fledged career option. You heard it right, if I have put this in a simple statement, some people click photos for a living. This is what gave rise to the term “Commercial Photography”; you get paid for clicking photos and also editing it appropriately as per the client requirements and then delivering the finished product to the client. There is also a term for editing photos, and it’s called Commercial


Photo Editing.

We have so many different forms of photography, which comes under the ambit of the commercial category which is as follows:


i.Advertising Photography

ii.Concert Photography

iii.Fashion Photography

iv.Wedding Photography

v.Landscape Photography

vi.Crime Scene Photography

vii.Still Life Photography

viii.Photojournalism and so much more.



But photography is not just about clicking the photos, as mentioned earlier it’s also about skillful editing techniques which should be known and that’s what makes a great photographer. We would be discussing some Commercial Photo editing tools which are very important and as described below:

1.Adobe Lightroom


Lightroom is an essential tool which every photographer must definitely know how to use. It’s basically an image organization and image manipulation tool and you can effectively edit, enhance, alter, and change the appearance through many plugins available in there. It has its own library through which you can import a large number of digital images, organize them accordingly, provide a right amount of balance in the colors, render them properly and get the finished product.


2.Adobe Photoshop CC

We have heard about this software on and off and this is something which is an absolute necessity for every commercial photographer. Adobe Photoshop is an image altering software package wherein you can edit the images, improve the effects, add /reduce the noise in them, fixing the brightness/contrast and so much more. It is also utilized by graphic and web designers to make logo designs for the organizations, and this helps a lot.


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This is a very recent development and it has been released just 4 months back but it has become a very popular choice as being one of the most preferable commercial photo editing tools. Capture One has been developed by Danish Company called Phase One and it has been developed in order to process and edit bulk volumes of digital images in one go. The seamless use of the software coupled with adjustments on different raw file formats, it became unified choice among the community. The only one problem with this application is that it’s very expensive but that hasn’t exactly proved a disadvantage for the company to be the best.

4.Affinity Photo

Among the Commercial photo editing tools, this one is particularly preferable if photographers are looking out for a replacement in the Adobe’s subscription plan. So in simple words, this tool is Photoshop for free. Affinity Photo is a tool wherein you can interactively edit digital images with a complete Adobe

Photoshop based experience. You can edit raw image formats, stitch images together, and create an appearance of partial or full transparency in the background etc, so it can definitely be termed as a popular choice.


5.Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018

This is the latest development by Adobe to organize, edit and share your images on the go plus it’s a great choice if you are a novice photographer and just getting ready to step in the industry. Adobe Photoshop Elements has the signature Adobe tool called Organiser where you can organize your images in bulk and accordingly edit them but it doesn’t a creative experience if you are an expert, you would rather prefer using Lightroom. Nevertheless, it’s a worthy choice than our average Photoshop and you can definitely score using this.


As we saw in the points above, Commercial Photo Editing is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. It involves work, a lot of work, a good amount of knowledge on so many tools and most importantly, dedication, without which you won’t be able to accomplish this hurdle. So pick up your cameras, learn one of the software tools and show the world what you can do.


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