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How To Resize Image Without Losing Quality

How To Resize Image Without Losing Quality

So you have a bunch of beautiful pictures and you want to share them with friends and relatives. Your options are practically endless: upload them to your web page so that everyone can see them, email them the best photos to your friends and insert them into a document. No matter which way you choose, there is one problem that needs to be addressed: your photos are too big. This short guide is designed to help you learn how to resize image without losing quality.


How To Resize Image Without Losing Quality

What you need to do is resize it using an image editing application, but you need to learn how to do it. Different images can look different on your computer depending on your screen resolution and you need to make sure that everyone can see them correctly.


Any process of changing the work size includes three things: picture quality, height, and width. If you set these three correctly, your image will look good on any computer. Before proceeding, you should learn some basic terms about image files:


Medium, Height, Width and the Quality. In simple terms, the image quality determines how much detail you can see. If you set the quality too low the image may look blurry, while if you set it too high, you can see even the smallest detail but the image file size will increase dramatically.


The most common problems you can encounter after resizing are that the images are too large, too small, or appear full, bloated, or distorted. These are all caused by a resize procedure less than perfect and easy to fix. If the images are too large, the problem is simple: you did not really adjust the width and height. Type smaller values to make the image smaller. If it is too small, vice versa.

how to resize image without loosing quality

If the image looks intermittent, it is because the quality level is too low or if you reduce it too much. Work with the quality level and with width and height your image must be improved. If your image appears or is skewed, there is an elevation error and you need to work on it. As mentioned before, most applications have the option to maintain the aspect ratio when resizing. What you need to do is enable this option.


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There are many image resizing applications available on the market today. However, it is easy to understand each other and others are more difficult as the number of tools they cover also varies. One of the best free image resizing programs you can use is Picture Resize, available for download on PicResize.com. This tool gives you all the options you need to get started, even changing the size of a batch of photos at once.


A great advantage of this tool, especially for a beginner, is that it has many standard dimensions that you can choose from so you do not have to worry about the optimal size based on the medium you will use.


As you can see, whether you want to use your image in emails, documents, or websites, it is very simple if you have the right tools and follow some simple steps above.


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