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How To Remove Background From Image [ Exclusive Guide]

How To Remove Background From Image [ Exclusive Guide]

When it comes to the issues of removing the background in an image, you need to have image editing skills as well as patience. For those people who already are familiar with some photo editing apps, for example, Photoshop, can easily get the background removed in an image, but in case you don’t know how to go about it, below are some essential and helpful tips on how to remove background from image. With a little bit of practice probably a few minutes daily, you will be able to remove the background from an image with ease.


                                   How Can You Remove Background From Image

If you already have installed a photo editing app on your PC, you only need to open it. If you have not already established one, you should go to the Internet and download one, preferably the one that is free.


Once you launch the app, import the image for which you want to remove the background. Then, the next step is to zoom in the picture that you need to keep, to make it fill up the entire screen. Assuming that you are using Photoshop, choose a tool with the name Lasso Tool.


After you have selected the Lasso Tool, you should proceed by tracing around the image with care and patience. Some photos are not in perfect shape as they may be round. Thus, you should carefully move the mouse around the image to make a dashed line around it.


After you are okay with tracing around the image, you should go back to the beginning point and then click on it. You will realize that there is a dashed line running around the borders of the image. It means that you have successfully selected the picture, and you can now proceed.


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The next step is to invert this selected region by pressing Ctrl, Shift and L keys one after the other. Once you have pressed the keys, you will see that the background of the image has been selected.

After the background in the image has been selected, you should hit the Delete key on the keypad whether you are using Photoshop or any other application. When you press the button, the background of the image will disappear, and a white background will replace it.


To remove the excess of the background to fit the image, right-click on the eraser image icon. To ensure that edges of the image are precise and cleaner, you should clean the image’s outline. In case the eraser tool is large, adjust the brush size by clicking on the pointer above the brush. You can as well alter the brush size by moving its lever either way from right to left or vise verse. You will realize that its size will reduce when you shift the bar to the left.


Lastly, to give your image a final appearance, and if satisfied you should then save it by clicking “File” and then “Save As.”Ensure that you name the image, then click “Save” to close the new image and store it on your computer’s hard drive.


By carefully following the above procedures as well as doing some practices, you will eventually gain knowledge on how to remove background from image which will be essential for your image editing techniques.

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