Tips and Tricks for professional Amazon Product Photography
13 May-19

Tips and Tricks for professional Amazon Product Photography

When selling a product online, a seller must remind that he must deliver a picture to the buyer correctly.  Because an image is a medium to inform the buyer about the most helpful product online.  The level of caution must be high to sell products on a large platform that the seller must be aware of.  Of course, there are many things to keep in mind. Your product looks very nice in front of you.  But, if you can't show it through pictures, then you can't satisfy the buyer.

Amazon is the largest online shopping platform.  Amazon sellers sell many types of products on the platform.  But their biggest problem is how to take the photograph of their product and reach customers properly, and if they can do it, the sellers will be able to do very well, and the buyers' confidence in them will increase. However, in this case, sellers sometimes face various problems, such as sometimes they do not have much money to get a professional photographer, it has also seen that they can't update the product image.  In that case, he can do it by self-photography.  Or, if they have a budget, they hire professional photographers, especially the big companies that get them through professional photographers or outsourcing. And of course, there are some tips to get good pictures.


 Know Amazon's Product Photography guidelines - Since you want to sell the product to Amazon, Amazon has a guideline on what the product image should look like.  So you don't have to worry about how large the image should be, what the format should be, etc. Because there is a guideline, you have to follow.  So first you need to know the guideline of Amazon.

Some are given below-

  • Books, music, and DVDs should take up the majority of the visual frame.
  • The product identification code, as well as the appropriate file extension, must be included in the file name.
  • Set the color mode to sRGB or CMYK.

Size of an image- An important aspect of the guideline is the size of the photo.  The photo size is a minimum of 1000 px. It is best if your photo size is between 1000 and 2000 px.  If the product is small then you can take pictures from very close.  With Amazon's zoom feature, shoppers will be able to see zoom-in photos.  The customer will be dissatisfied if there is too much difference in picture size and reality of the product.  So of course, it has to be kept in mind. According to Amazon's product photography requirements, the best thing you can do is take your photographs at eye level and at a distance where the object takes up roughly 85 percent of the picture frame.

The image should be in jpg, jpeg, tiff, png format.


Background and lighting- The image quality of the product must be good.  In this case, the quality of the picture can be better if you take a close picture through the use of a good background and lighting.  Proper lighting systems can improve image quality,

The lighting system plays a very big role. In the case of photography, by using extra lights, better results are obtained than the natural lighting system.  If the lighting system is not good enough, the appearance of the product cannot recognize well also, the size cannot understand well.  With a good and proper lighting system, the image of the product looks professional. From which direction you get a proper light that can determine through various trials.

Tripod use can be a good choice- Using a tripod is a good way to take pictures because when someone is holding the camera with his hand, he may be taking images inappropriately, and the picture can become random.  But the tripod can be rotated which makes becomes easier to take pictures.

While doing product photography, you can take multiple photographs from different angles and aspects and then upload them. Because the advantage of Amazon is that you can post a maximum of eight images for a good-looking product.

White Background-The background on the back of the product should be white because it will make the picture look very good and clear. Or you can buy a white poster paper and apply it with gum to make the white background. It gives natural light and helps to take a good picture.  Since there is no background, there is no need to remove the background while editing. It can eliminate any kind of background problem. The buyer can see the image properly.

The main image of the product must be good-looking- There are different images of a product on Amazon.  These pictures are taken from different aspects of the product.  The main image should be good looking after searching for a product. The image that can find after searching the customer product should be of the highest quality and the customer open the product image and decide whether he buys it or not.

While paying for professional photography services may appear to be an expensive investment, having high-quality photos of your products is usually well worth the cost in the long run. Photography can be difficult, and replicating the images you see while shopping for your favorite products is no easy task. Because many brands choose to invest in professional photography services.

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Other settings, like ISO or white shutter speeds, can alter the overall mood of your product photograph.


Clear details- Everyone wants to look at the details properly to ensure that the product is free of faults or to make a decision about purchasing the products

After you've taken a few images, you can begin editing them yourself or hire a professional editor. A competent editor can modify your image to your specifications. So, for the best results, you can hire or outsource an editor.

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